As Long As You Like Table
Jenkins & Uhnger

As Long As You Like Table is a modular table system in fixed lengths from 1500mm to as long as you like. The system is built into sections with possibility to combine oak veneer, Larvikite stone and Forbo linoleum. The table is designed for easy assembly in a solid construction that carries the weight of the combination of stone and oak.

Product details

Standard sizes
L 1500 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 2100 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 2755 × W 900 × H 730 mm

Non standard sizes
L 3955 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 5210 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 5810 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 6465 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 7665 × W 900 × H 730 mm
L 8920 × W 900 × H 730 mm

Delivery time:
Standard sizes 2-3 weeks, 9-10 weeks for non standard sizes

Frame: Solid oak Table top: Matt lacquered oak veneer or Black Forbo linoleum.
Larvikite Lundhs Emerald® Silk.

Made in Årre. Denmark. The stone top is processed and customized in Sandefjord, Norway.



Jenkins & Uhnger

The British Norwegian design duo Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger cooperate under the name of Jenkins & Uhnger. Based in Oslo, the duo works with established categories and challenges archetypes and constraints by bringing a new approach to creating products with identity and content.

The strength of Jenkins & Uhnger is the common individual skills they merge into a unit. Thomas Jenkins's interest in manufacturing and materials combined with his traditional craft skills has led to him to create furniture and objects designed for interaction. Sverre focuses on creating products that feel natural to the user and where the inherent qualities of the materials and the production techniques is emphasized.


The origin of Larvikite.

Larvikite comes from quarries at the southern coast of Norway in a town called Larvik. Larvikite is known for its beautiful crystals and the stone was formed in a volcanic process 300 million years ago. The Larvikite used on As Long As You Like series is called
Lundhs Emerald Silk

The Silk version gives the worktop a matt and lightly structured finish which makes the dark material appear even more solid. In a room with lots of light the silk surface will create a smooth look and the crystals will shine underneath the matt surface.

Lundhs Emerald is one of a kind. There is no other place in the world other than Larvik where you can find the same type of natural stone. The stone top is processed and customized in Sandefjord, Norway.