Hans Brattrud:

Hans Brattrud (1933-2017) educated in furniture design at Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in period 1952-1957. He was picked up early by A. Grasaasens Fabrikker to perform furniture for the Oslo-based furniture factory. The first furniture he designed and put into production was Grorudstolen in 1958. In the late 60's he moved home to Dokka and began as an architect. Even with a short ten-year as a designer, Hans Brattrud name is still strong in Norwegian furniture history and most of the furniture that was put into production is still in production today. Products from Hans Brattrud in our collection consist of Grorudstolen and the Futura series.



Jenkins & Uhnger:

The British Norwegian design duo Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger cooperate under the name of Jenkins & Uhnger. Based in Oslo, the duo works with established categories and challenges archetypes and constraints by bringing a new approach to creating products with identity and content.

The strength of Jenkins & Uhnger is the common individual skills they merge into a unit. Thomas Jenkins's interest in manufacturing and materials combined with his traditional craft skills has led to him to create furniture and objects designed for interaction. Sverre focuses on creating products that feel natural to the user and where the inherent qualities of the materials and the production techniques is emphasized.


Makers with agendas:

Makers With Agendas is a design studio based in Copenhagen and was launched by Julien De Smedt, William Ravn and Wouter Dons in 2013 at Maison & Objet in Paris and during Design September in Brussels. Makers With Agendas strive to developing meaningful products for society by meeting the needs of contemporary living. They describe it as their philosophy: agenda-driven design.


portrait_2_Kodai Iwamoto.jpg

Kodai Iwamoto:

The Japanese designers Kodai Iwamoto started his own design studio after graduating from the prestigious design school ÉCAL in Lausanne. He works with a wide range of products and is curious to utilize the material to the fullest in terms of technique and production. Kodai work has been exhibited from Milan to Tokyo, London to Helsinki. He run his design studio from Tokyo and Kagoshima.


Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

During the study, Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn recognized their common understanding of the design profession and driven to create new products. Together, they are engaged to generate unique solutions that treat with functional and aesthetic aspects alike. Gerdesmeyer & Krohn design studio works with industrial and interior design with base in Cologne, Germany.