Objekt Hverdagskaffe

Coffee is important for many in everyday life and it is no secret that we in Objekt drink many cups of coffee every single day. Therefore, we think it was time for Objekt to have our own coffee. After many tastings and cupping off different coffee beans together with Fuglen Coffee Roasters are we happy to launch everyday coffee or as we call it in Norwegian, ‘Hverdagskaffe’.

Ludvik Bonna Hopstoch who is head roaster at Fuglen Coffee Roasters Oslo have guided and helped us through the process. With his expertise and knowledge have we together with him find the right taste of coffee that we think fits as a good choice of your daily coffee.

The choice fell on Aristides Guarnizo from Colombia. It contains flavors of red plum, cacao and orange blossom. The coffee beans have grown and picked up in Tarqui area in Huila district in Colombia, South America. Before being sent to Norway where Fuglen burn the beans at their own coffee roastery in Oslo.

Fuglen coffee roasters have focus on sourcing the highest quality, most unique and freshest coffee available for the season. Fuglen buy directly as possible from what they believe are the best coffee farmers around the world. They roast the beans lightly - Nordic style - to enhance all the distinct and natural flavors of coffee.

Fuglen (The bird) is a multi-company who run coffee and cocktail bars in Oslo and Tokyo. Beside selling Norwegian furniture and conveying Norwegian furniture history from their own co-company Norwegian Icons. Did you know that you can buy products from our collection at Norwegian Icons store in Tokyo?

The package contains 250 grams of coffee. At the moment it is only possible to buy Hverdagskaffe in Objekt showroom and store in Oslo.