Default Blog Post for Objekt

Default Blog Post for Objekt

We are Objekt (h1)

Objekt is an Oslo-based furniture brand established in 2018. The product range spans from furniture, lighting to small everyday products, suitable for both the home and project market. At Objekt, we believe in local production, long-lasting materials and thorough design resulting in excellent function and appealing aesthetics in all products.

Have you met POM? (h2)

The bold design of the POM Stool is impossible not to notice. A playful design and characteristic stool with chubby, soft and rounded shapes. The solid pine wood creates a heavy and stable stool; to sit on, lean your feet on, or admire. POM's sculptural expression makes the stool a unique stand-alone object. The designers wanted to create an object that used pine in a contemporary manner. Using a common typology, they explored how far they could push the boundaries of the material itself to create something unique.

Sustainability (h3)

We believe in openness and transparency throughout our production chain and material sourcing. We are committed to sourcing quality materials, even at a higher cost, that will have less impact on the environment. It is vital to ensure sustainable manufacturing to take care of our valuable resources. We also have a social responsibility, and that is why we carefully select and visit all of our suppliers and manufacturers regularly. We always strive to be better and are currently working on our care and repair program. If you have any suggestions or unmet needs, please let us know!

Heading 4 (Shop / showroom / office)

Objekt Brand Store
Thereses gate 1
0358 Oslo, Norway

If you have any questions feel free to send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kjetil Gudem
Head of marketing & sales
co-founder & owner

+47 952 11 860